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A message from the founders

"We founded Loud Studio's with the vision to unite the city of Toronto's music culture and in determination to allow all independent artists to strive, make a living and connect with other artists like them!

Our mission and goal is to make Toronto a leading city for Hip Hop and RnB music! Many Toronto musicians leave Toronto and go to other cities for better and more opportunities for themselves. 


We're striving to reinvent the Toronto music culture, to provide artists with amazing and long lasting opportunities."


To establish Toronto as a leading city for music

To bring unity into the Toronto music scene, encourage collaboration and uplift one another

To provide high quality, professional music

To spawn new and fresh talent

To bring out the full potential of every artist, producer and engineer

To adapt with the music industry as music evolves

To stimulate creativity

To provide the tools for every artist to grow their career

To create music that will last for ages

To be fair to every artist, engineer and producer

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